En estos tiempos de incertidumbre, creo que conviene pararse un momento a reflexionar. Para ayudar, os adjunto las 10 reglas de oro de la inversion segun la analista canadiense Danielle Park. Estan en Ingles, perdon por esto. Si alquien necesita ayuda con la traducción, que no dude en pedirla. Un saludo.

1. Stock markets are a dangerous place to blindly park one's savings. As Peter Bernstein put it, the stock market is more likely to destroy fortunes than to create them. Preservation of capital must be the primary goal at all times; through all cycles.

2. Prices always revert to the mean eventually; always.

3. Pay attention to the overarching investment climate as overall trends and cycles (not our intelligence) are the most defining characteristic of investment outcomes. Seek to become underweight of risk assets near economic peaks and to accumulate risk assets again as the economy is starting into recovery.

4. Once there is reasonable indication that an economic recovery is in progress, use stock market weakness as an opportunity to buy the dips in order to accumulate risk assets at discounted prices.

5. A fool tests the depth of the water with both feet, ease in gradually and systematically.

6. During secular bears (like we are in now) cyclical expansions tend to be shorter and more muted while contractions tend to be deeper and longer than average. Never grow complacent with holding risk assets. Always be on guard for evidence that the overall expansion is stalling or ending.

7. Define your exit strategy in advance so that you will move to the exits on an objective metric if a bullish trend breaks down. Devise a method to limit your losses.

8. Accept that you will have to miss out on some of the “market gains” in order to outperform the market over your life time. Your life time is the only relevant time frame.

9. Accept that you will likely never get out at the peak or in at the bottom, be happy if you can capture and retain a chunk of the in between.

10. Accept that in the short term you will often look wrong; stick to your process anyway.