CS (Lux) Italy Equity Fund

CS (Lux) Italy Equity Fund B EUR  /  LU0055733355

Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A.

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Con excepción de Bestinver que las adquirí en el 2.005/06 el resto llevan solo 6 meses. Mi intención sería tener, a ser posible, una cartera estática durante los próximos 10/15 años.1 -  ¿Está bien nive...
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Marco Bolzoni

Marco Bolzoni, CFA, joined Credit Suisse Group in March 2010 initially as Equity Specialist in the Italian Investment Consulting team, with the full responsibility for the Equity Advisory to all the private clients in Italy and direct responsibility for several large Private Clients portfolios. He moved into the MACS team in Milan in August 2015 as Italian Equities Manager for mutual funds and Equity Portfolio Manager for Institutional Clients portfolios. Previously, he worked as Equity Analyst and Portf...

Fund Total net assets
Credit Suisse (Lux) Italy Equity Fund 55.63 M €

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  • Minimum participation:  0 €
  • Opening commission:  5.00%
  • Max. Annual Fee:  1.92%
  • Redemption Fee:  0.00%

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