JPM Europe Equity Fund

JPMorgan Funds - Europe Equity Fund D (acc) - EUR  /  LU0117858596

JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe) S.à r.l.

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Son dos de los fondos de renta variable europea más importantes de J.P.Morgan AM. El JPM Europe Equity Plus es una estrategia long/short (la exposición neta es del 100%) que recientemente ha sido cerrada a nuevos p...
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Stephen Macklow-Smith

Stephen Macklow-Smith, managing director, is a portfolio manager within the J.P. Morgan Asset Management European Equity Group, responsible for Core portfolios, the European assets of UK pension funds and the JPMorgan European Investment Trust. An employee since 1997, Stephen was previously head of the European team at HSBC Asset Management. Prior to this, he was a fund manager of European pension fund assets at Henderson Administration. Stephen obtained an M.A. in Classics and Modern Languages from Oxfo...

Nicholas Horne

Nicholas Horne, executive director, is a portfolio manager and head or research in the J.P. Morgan Asset Management European Equity Group. An employee since 2006, he did his investment banking internship at the M & A Group at Trenwith Securities. Before that, he did an internship in private wealth management at Smith Barney. Nick holds a BSM in Finance and International Relations from Tulane University, and an MSc in Politics of the World Economy from the London School of Economics. Nick is a CFA cha...

Alexander Fitzalan Howard

Fitzalan Howard joined Flemings in 1986. From 1990, was involved in the development of the Czechoslovakia Investment Corporation Inc., and responsible for the establishment of the first Czech domestic mutual funds. Set up Flemings' Prague office in 1992. Returned to London in 1993 as an Investment Manager with Flemings' North American Portfolios Group. Took over the management of Save and Prosper Overseas Growth Trust in 1994. Appointed a Director of Fleming Investment Management in 1998.

MORNINGSTAR RV Europa Cap. Grande Value

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  • Participación mínima:  5.000 €
  • Comisión de apertura:  5,00%
  • Comisión anual:  1,00%
  • Comisión de custodia: 

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