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Unfondo de inversióncon "Hedge" (cobertura de cambio), sirve para proteger de ladevaluaciónde lamoneda de origende los fondosfrentea otra moneda,en nuestro caso, en comparación conEUR (euro).Un ejemploes:Templeton Globa...
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Dylan Ball

Dylan Ball is a senior vice president, portfolio manager for a number of retail and institutional global equity portfolios. He has global research responsibilities for industrial conglomerates and life insurance companies and provides country research coverage of Eastern Europe. Prior to joining Franklin Templeton in 2007, Mr. Ball worked as a research analyst for Credit Suisse First Boston and subsequently, Execution Limited. Prior to this, Mr. Ball was an accountant in the financial services industry p...

Fund Total net assets
Templeton Global Fund 1,017.62 M SGD
Templeton Global (Euro) Fund 646.07 M €
Templeton Euroland Fund 216.85 M €

Peter Moeschter

Mr Peter, Executive Vice President and utilities sector team leader, joined the Templeton organization in 1997. He has sector research coverage of North American and European food and household products, European utilities, and country research coverage of the United States. Prior to joining Templeton, Mr Moeschter was a research analyst in the equity investment department of the Workers' Compensation Board of Ontario. Prior to this position, he was an investment analyst with Aetna Capital Management Lim...

Fund Total net assets
Templeton Global Fund 1,017.62 M SGD
Templeton Global (Euro) Fund 646.07 M €
Templeton Euroland Fund 216.85 M €

Heather Arnold

Heather Arnold is the director of research for the Templeton Global Equity Group, as well as a portfolio manager and research analyst. She was formerly a managing director for Goldman Sachs Asset Management, head of European equities and portfolio manager for European, international and global institutional and retail client portfolios. Ms. Arnold holds an M.B.A. from York University (Canada) and a B.A. in economics and art history from Queen's University (Canada), and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (C...

Fund Total net assets
Templeton Growth (Euro) Fund 6,874.34 M $
Templeton Global Income Fund 1,126.85 M HKD
Templeton Global Fund 1,017.62 M SGD
MORNINGSTAR RV Global - Moneda Cubierta

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