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Franklin Templeton Investment Funds

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Sara Araghi

Sara Araghi, CFA, VP, is a research analyst and portfolio manager for Franklin Equity Group. She specializes in the media & entertainment, cable & satellite, and apparel & footwear manufacturer industries. Prior to this role, she worked on Franklin Portfolio Advisors' All Cap Growth, Mid Cap Growth and Small Cap Growth strategies. She joined the firm in July 2003 as an equity research associate on the consumer team. She earned a BS with honors (bus. admin.) from UC Berkeley.

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Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund 2.791,08 M €

Grant Bowers

Grant Bowers, VP, is lead portfolio manager of Franklin Growth Opportunities Fund and member of Franklin Equity Group's U.S. Growth team. He joined the firm in 1993 as a fixed income analyst and in 1998 became an equity analyst covering the telecom, media, publishing, transportation and business services industries. He was lead portfolio manager of Franklin Global Communications Fund from 2002 to 2008. He studied economics at UC Davis. Before joining the firm, he served in the U.S. Army.

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