Edgewood L Select US Select Growth

Edgewood L Select US Select Growth I EUR  /  LU0304955940

Duff & Phelps (Luxembourg) Management Company S.à r.l.

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Alexander Farman-Farmaian

Alex joined Edgewood Management in January 2006 as a Partner, and Vice-Chairman. Prior to that he was at W.P. Stewart & Co. for 19 years. There he was a senior member of the U.S. and Global equity research and portfolio management teams. He was responsible for managing some 20% of the Firm’s overall assets. He chaired the Investment Oversight Committee and managed the bulk of the firm’s Global account assets since their inception. Alex received a B.A. in Economics from Princeton University in 1987.  He w...

Fondo Patrimonio
Edgewood L Select US Select Growth 2.420,18 M €
MORNINGSTAR RV USA - Moneda Cubierta

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  • Comisión de apertura:  3,00%
  • Comisión anual:  1,40%
  • Comisión de custodia:  0,15%

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