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En qué invierten los Fondos Socialmente Responsables.

Sin saber muy bien cómo, he acabado en la web de SpainSif que es la web del " Foro Español de Inversión Socialmente Responsable". Bajo este nombre se agrupan 54 entidades de las más importantes del ámbito financ...
by JCP99
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Hubert Aarts

Mr. Aarts is the Managing Director of Listed Equities and leads Impax's macro-economic research process. Mr. Aarts joined Impax in January 2007 and co-manages the Leaders and Water Strategies. He started his career in the investment industry in 1990. He has extensive experience investing in Pan-European equities as a portfolio manager at MeesPierson and Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, where he chaired the European Sector Strategy Group. He joined Impax from Cambrian Capital Partners LLP where he was a...

Fund Total net assets
Parvest Global Environment 382.09 M €
BNPP L1 Equity World Aqua 353.65 M €
Parvest Aqua 189.86 M €
MORNINGSTAR RV Sector Ecología

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