RobecoSAM Sustainable Agribusiness Eq

RobecoSAM Sustainable Agribusiness Equities D EUR  /  LU0374106754

Robeco Luxembourg SA

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Holger Frey

Fondo Patrimonio
RobecoSAM Sustainable Agribusiness Equities 170,64 M €

Dieter Küffer

Dieter Küffer, CFA, is Senior Portfolio Manager at SAM Sustainable Asset Management. He's responsible for inst. mandates, the SAM Sustainable Water Fund and the SAM Sustainability Pionier Fonds. He started to work at the Aargauische Kantonalbank in 1983. Thereafter he moved to Swiss Bank Corp., now UBS Private Banking. In 1993 he became a Swiss-Certified Banking Expert with a Federal Diploma. In 1994 he changed to UBS Asset Mgmt, where he was responsible for a team managing equity mandates of inst. clients.

MORNINGSTAR RV Sector Agricultura

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RobecoSAM Sustainable Agribusiness Eq

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  • Participación mínima:  1 €
  • Comisión de apertura:  5,00%
  • Comisión anual:  1,50%
  • Comisión de custodia:  0,00%

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