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UBS (Lux) Key Selection SICAV - European Equities (EUR) Q-acc EUR  /  LU0421769745

UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A.

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Robert Holmes

Robert Holmes is the lead fund manager on the Renasset Eastern European Allocation Fund and on the Renaissance Russia Debt Fund. He joined Renaissance Asset Managers in 2012 from Griffin Capital where he managed the award-winning East European Value Fund. He joined Griffin in 2006 and became lead manager in early 2008. Robert is highly experienced in the eastern European region, having started his career on the proprietary trading desk of ING Bank in 1994, he has also held positions at UBS, Flemings, JPM...

James Collyer

Kevin Barker

MORNINGSTAR RV Europa Cap. Grande Blend

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  • Opening commission:  3.00%
  • Max. Annual Fee:  0.82%
  • Redemption Fee:  0.00%

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