Henderson Horizon Euro Corporate Bond Fd

Henderson Horizon Euro Corporate Bond Fund A2 EUR Acc  /  LU0451950314

Henderson Management SA

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Stephen Thariyan

Stephen Thariyan is the Global Head of Credit in charge of the 30-strong credit team of portfolio managers and analysts at Henderson. Prior to joining Henderson in 2007 as Head of Credit, Stephen was a portfolio manager at Rogge Global Partners responsible for investing in corporate bonds and credit derivatives globally. He was previously a director and senior analyst at NatWest Markets’ credit rating and research unit where he led teams of sector analysts in credit research. He started his career as an ...

Thomas Ross

Tom Ross joined Henderson in 2002 and has been co-managing Henderson's absolute return credit funds since 2006. In August 2015 he was appointed co-manager of a number of European and global bond funds. Prior to fund management, Tom specialised in credit trading on Henderson's centralised dealing desk where he was able to build strong relationships with market participants in order to gain flow and positioning information to supplement credit views. Tom graduated from Nottingham University with a BSc (Hon...

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  • You can go to the management company Henderson Management SA
  • Open account with one of these intermediaries will probably have this fund

Basic conditions

  • Minimum participation:  2,500 €
  • Opening commission:  5.00%
  • Max. Annual Fee:  0.75%
  • Redemption Fee:  1.00%

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