Franklin Gold & Precious Metals Fund

Franklin Gold & Precious Metals Fund N(acc)EUR  /  LU0496369389

Franklin Templeton Investment Funds

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Frederick Fromm

Mr. Fromm has been a lead portfolio manager of Franklin since 2003. He has primary responsibility for the investments of the Fund. He has final authority over all aspects of the Fund's investment portfolio, including but not limited to, purchases and sales of individual securities, portfolio risk assessment, and the management of daily cash balances in accordance with anticipated management requirements. The degree to which he may perform these functions, and the nature of these functions, may change fro...

Steve Land

Land joined Franklin Templeton Investments in 1997. Land holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

MORNINGSTAR RV Sector Oro y Metales Preciosos

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  • Comisión de apertura:  3,00%
  • Comisión anual:  1,00%
  • Comisión de custodia:  0,14%

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