Man AHL Trend Alternative

Man AHL Trend Alternative Class IN H SEK Acc  /  LU0504985499

MDO Management Company S.A.

3035º of 3035


Tim Wong

Matthew Sargaison

Matthew Sargaison is the Chief Investment Officer for AHL, with overall responsibility for investment management and research. He served as Chief Risk Officer between 2009 and 2012, prior to which he spent 13 years working at Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital and UBS. Matthew originally worked for AHL from 1992 to 1995 as a trading system researcher and institutional product designer.

Fund Total net assets
Man AHL Trend Alternative 362.02 M €
MORNINGSTAR Alt - Futuros Gestionados

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How to buy this fund?


  • You can go to the management company MDO Management Company S.A.
  • Open account with one of these intermediaries will probably have this fund

Basic conditions

  • Minimum participation:  51,931.74 SEK
  • Opening commission: 
  • Max. Annual Fee:  1.50%
  • Redemption Fee: 

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