Pictet-Russia Index

Pictet-Russia Index R EUR  /  LU0625742837

Pictet Asset Management (Europe) SA

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David Billaux

David is a Portfolio Manager responsible for the management of international equity index portfolios. David joined Northern Trust in July 2008, within the Quantitative Management Group. David has over seven years of diverse experience including fund management and trading.Previously, David was at Sinopia UK (HSBC Group) for two and a half years, joining as an Index Portfolio Manager and specializing in Shariah Compliance Portfolios as well as pooled and segregated portfolios. Prior to Sinopia UK, David w...

Fondo Patrimonio
Pictet-USA Index 3.174,1 M $
Pictet-Japan Index 784 M JPY
Pictet-Pacific Ex Japan Index 529,58 M $

Stéphane Cornet

Fondo Patrimonio
Pictet-USA Index 3.174,1 M $
Pictet-Russia Index 34,65 M $

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