RobecoSAM Sustainable Water

Multipartner SICAV - RobecoSAM Sustainable Water Fund USD F  /  LU0720530954

GAM (Luxembourg) SA

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Dieter Küffer

Dieter Küffer, CFA, is Senior Portfolio Manager at SAM Sustainable Asset Management. He's responsible for inst. mandates, the SAM Sustainable Water Fund and the SAM Sustainability Pionier Fonds. He started to work at the Aargauische Kantonalbank in 1983. Thereafter he moved to Swiss Bank Corp., now UBS Private Banking. In 1993 he became a Swiss-Certified Banking Expert with a Federal Diploma. In 1994 he changed to UBS Asset Mgmt, where he was responsible for a team managing equity mandates of inst. clients.


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  • You can go to the management company GAM (Luxembourg) SA
  • Open account with one of these intermediaries will probably have this fund

Basic conditions

  • Minimum participation:  3,000,000 $
  • Opening commission: 
  • Max. Annual Fee:  0.80%
  • Redemption Fee: 

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