Mirova Europe Environmental Equity Fd

Mirova Europe Environmental Equity Fund R/D (EUR)  /  LU0914733133


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Suzanne Senellart

Suzanne Senellart, co-portfolio manager, is a Senior Portfolio Manager with Mirova, an affiliate of Natixis AM US, which she joined in 2012. Prior to joining Mirova, Ms. Senellart was Senior Portfolio Manager on Socially Responsible Investment thematic strategies at Natixis Asset Management from 2007 to 2012. Ms. Senellart is a graduate of Institut Supèrieur de Gestion in Paris, France, is a member of SFAF (The French Society of Financial Analysts).

MORNINGSTAR RV Sector Ecología

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  • You can go to the management company Mirova
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  • Minimum participation:  0 €
  • Opening commission: 
  • Max. Annual Fee:  1.60%
  • Redemption Fee: 

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