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Nicolas Just

Mr. Just joined NAM in 2006. He began his career in 1994 as a derivatives trader in New York for Société Générale before becoming a consultant specializing in strategy for Cabinet Mars & Co. He then joined Exane as Head of the sell-side analyst team covering the European distribution sector related to the European equity market. He then joined the Japanese equity team of NAM in June 2006 as an analyst and subsequently became equity portfolio manager. In 2008, he became head of the Model Driven Equity man...

Juan Sebastian Caicedo

Mr. Caicedo joined NAM in 2008 and began his career in the equity department in the Core, Retail and Quantitative Financial Modelling team. In 2009, he was put in charge of Minimum Variance strategies. He also works on diversification, risk management and statistical arbitrage strategies. Mr. Caicedo is currently a Quantitative Equity Portfolio Manager within Seeyond's equity team. Mr. Caicedo graduated from the ESCP Europe in 2009, holds a degree in Mathematics from Universidad of Los Andes (Bogota).

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