AXA WF Global SmartBeta Equity

AXA World Funds Global SmartBeta Equity ZI Capitalisation EUR hedged (95%)  /  LU0943665421

AXA Funds Management S.A.

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Cameron Gray

Cameron Gray, Portfolio Manager of AXA Rosenberg, currently manages Global Defense Income and SmartBeta strategies and also is a key contributor to integral projects on investment process and design. Mr. Gray joined AXA Rosenberg in 2007 as a portfolio manager.

Gideon Smith

Gideon Smith, CFA® is Europe Chief Investment Officer of AXA Rosenberg and oversees the implementation of the SmartBeta Equity strategies. Since joining AXA Rosenberg in 1998, he has held a number of positions including Europe Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Director of Client Services and Head of Strategy Engineering for Europe. Prior to joining AXA Rosenberg, Gideon was a chartered accountant at Arthur Andersen working in their Financial Markets Division in London. Gideon obtained his BSc from Manc...

Fondo Patrimonio
AXA World Funds Global SmartBeta Equity 259,14 M $
MORNINGSTAR RV Global Cap. Grande Blend

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  • Comisión anual:  0,19%
  • Comisión de custodia:  0,04%

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