Jupiter Merlin International Bal Port

Jupiter Merlin Fund - Jupiter Merlin International Balanced Portfolio - Class D EUR Acc  /  LU0946216826

Jupiter Asset Management Limited

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Algy Smith-Maxwell

Algy Smith-Maxwell joined Jupiter in 2001. As a fund manager in the Jupiter Independent Funds Team, Algy jointly runs the Jupiter Merlin Portfolios with John Chatfeild-Roberts and Peter Lawery. Algy has extensive experience specialising in multi-manager funds. He started his career in 1995 as a fund analyst for Henderson's before becoming a fund manager for Lazard Asset Management in 1999

Peter Lawery

Peter Lawery joined Jupiter in 2001 to jointly run the Jupiter Merlin Funds of Funds range with John Chatfeild-Roberts and Algy Smith-Maxwell. He is currently a Fund Manager of the Jupiter Independent Funds Team. Peter started his career in 1990 working for Hill Samuel Investment. He moved to Lazard Asset Management in 1992 and became a Fund Manager in 1996. Peter is qualified by the Institute of Investment Management and Research (IIMR) (now the UK Society of Investment Professionals).

John Chatfeild-Roberts

John Chatfeild-Roberts joined Jupiter in March 2001, and he was appointed Chief Investment Officer of Jupiter Asset Management in February 2010. He established the award-winning Jupiter Merlin fund of funds team, in which he jointly manages the Jupiter Merlin Portfolios with Peter Lawery and Algy Smith-Maxwell, who both came with him from Lazard Asset Management. John is also Lead Manager of the Jupiter Global Managed Fund (Unit Trust). John gained a degree in Economics from Durham University and the RMA...

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