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Howard Weiss

Mr. Weiss is an Portfolio Manager and vice president of Pioneer. He joined Pioneer in 2007 and served as an associate portfolio manager and large cap core equity analyst. From October 2010 until August 2011, Mr. Weiss was an analyst at Surveyor Capital Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citadel Investment Group, LLC. In September 2011, he rejoined Pioneer as associate portfolio manager. Mr. Weiss has served as an portfolio manager of the fund since 2012.

Fund Total net assets
Pioneer SICAV - Flexible Opportunities 58.31 M €

Michele Garau

Mr. Garau is a Portfolio Manager and a Senior Vice President of Pioneer, based in Boston since August 2010. He was previously the Head of Balanced Portfolios at PIML and based in Dublin. He joined Pioneer in January 2003 and has been an investment professional since 1984. Mr. Garau has served as a portfolio manager of the fund since 2010.

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