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Nuevos Analyst Ratings en Fondos de Inversión por Morningstar (Julio y Agosto de 2014)

Hoy  Javier Saenz de Cenzano ha actualizado los cambios producidos en Analyst Ratings por Morningstar.  Un total de 37 fondos han visto alterado su rating. Como sabéis existen 5 posibles calificaciones en el ratin...
by apandres
09-05-2014 14:41:28 | 4 Comments

Mi estrategia de Inversión (II)

Actualización al 19/10/2016               (continuación de Mi estrategia de Inversión)Para empezar, mi perfil de inversor es Moderado- Dinámico: busco rentabilidades medias a medio plazo, pero con monitorización...
by Lopv
08-03-2013 11:22:49 | 5140 Comments


Joe Rodrigguez

Paul Curbo

Mr. Curbo is an Invesco Senior Director and a member of the Real Estate Securities Portfolio Management and Research Teams. His current duties include work as a Portfolio Manager performing quantitative and fundamental research on real estate securities. Mr. Curbo has been a guest on Bloomberg News and CNBC and has been quoted in several publications including the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. Mr. Curbo joined Invesco in 1998 and worked for several years in the real estate research group as a Senior ...

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