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Lance Graham

Lance Graham joined SSGA Ireland's Dublin-based Fundamental Equity Team in November 2007. Lance manages both SSGA Ireland's Global Value Strategy and our European Spotlight Strategy. Prior to this appointment, Lance was responsible for the management of AIB Investment Managers (AIBIM) UK and Global equity funds. He was also responsible for the pharmaceutical, media and mining sectors of their Pan-European funds. In a portfolio management career spanning 23 years, Lance has also worked for Glasgow Investm...

Fondo Patrimonio
State Street Europe Value Spotlight Fund 548,64 M €
MORNINGSTAR RV Europa Cap. Grande Value

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  • Participación mínima:  250.000 €
  • Comisión de apertura:  3,00%
  • Comisión anual:  0,85%
  • Comisión de custodia: 

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