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El mejor fondo "todo en uno"

Defino primero qué entiendo yo por fondo “todo en uno”. Para mí es el fondo ideal para un gran abanico de inversores: los vagos, los pasivos, los que reconocen su ignorancia en materia de inversión pero no quieren ...
by scribe
01-22-2015 00:41:48 | 231 Comments


Roberto Magnatantini

Adrien Pichoud

Hartwig Kos

Hartwig Kos, co-investment manager of the Baring Dynamic Emerging Markets Fund and member of our Global Multi Asset Group, could have ended up as an archaeologist, unearthing ancient tombs and temples, if it hadn’t been for the intervention of his grandfather. ‘Grandpa’ Kos had been a budding economist at the University of Basel, and recommended both the Swiss college – and the comparatively modern discipline – as a way of satisfying young Hartwig’s thirst for knowledge and abstract thought. “I had...

Fabrizio Quirighetti

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