Schroder ISF Glb Cnsrv Convert Bd

Schroder International Selection Fund Global Conservative Convertible Bond I EUR Hedged Acc  /  LU1148416685

Schroder Investment Management Lux S.A.

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Peter Reinmuth

Dr Peter Reinmuth graduated from the University of Zurich with a degree in management and was later awarded a doctorate with a thesis on Barrier Options. Since 1996, he has worked for Julius Bär Asset Management AG, Schröder Münchmeyer, Hengst & Co., Deutsche Bank AG and Wegelin & Co. In 1999 he joined Julius Bär Asset Managment AG and took over the responsibility for their European Warrant Fund, Inc. in the function of Investment officer. In April 2002, he was made manager of the Julius Bär Global Conve...

Stefan Krause

Stefan Krause – Fund Manager Stefan joined Schroders in 2015 from Man Investments. Prior to joining Man in 2012, Stefan spent two years with Warburg Invest in Hamburg as a portfolio manager for European convertibles and almost five years with UBS in Zurich holding positions in convertible bond departments on the buy and sell side. Stefan holds a Master's in business administration (Thesis: Feasibility of an ETF for a Convertible Bond Index) from the University of Zurich.

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