Eastspring Inv Japan Dynamic Fund

Eastspring Investments - Japan Dynamic Fund Class R USD Hedged  /  LU1156285857

Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Ltd

3035º of 3035


Dean Cashman

Dean Cashman joined the Japan equity team in 2004 and became responsible for the M&G Japan Fund in June 2006. Dean began his career as an investment professional with BT Fund Managers (Sydney), where he was promoted to Head of Japanese equities. Dean has over 23 years’ investment experience, and has focused his career almost exclusively on the Japanese equity market. Dean graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, and holds a Bachelor of Economics.

Fund Total net assets
Eastspring Investments - Japan Dynamic Fund 1,675.99 M $
MORNINGSTAR RV Japón Cap. Grande

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  • Max. Annual Fee:  0.75%
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