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BlackRock Strategic Funds - European Credit Strategies Fund I2 CHF Hedged  /  LU1260044356

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Concurso EAFIs en Morningstar

Hola.Hoy hemos inciado en nuestra web un concurso que creo que puede ser interesante en instructivo al mismo tiempo. Se trata de una competición de carteras entre EAFIs (es decir, empresas de asesoramiento financi...
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Mi estrategia de Inversión (II)

Actualización al 19/10/2016               (continuación de Mi estrategia de Inversión)Para empezar, mi perfil de inversor es Moderado- Dinámico: busco rentabilidades medias a medio plazo, pero con monitorización...
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Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, Managing Director of BlackRock. Senior Partner at R3 Capital Partners from 2008 to 2009; Managing Director at Lehman Brothers from 2006 to 2008. Prior to joining BlackRock in 2009, Mr. Phelps was the head of European Businesses at R3 Capital Partners. Earlier he was with Lehman Brothers where he was most recently the head of the Global Principal Strategies (GPS) European operations. He joined Lehman Brothers in 2006 to manage a credit and distressed debt portfolio for the GPS team. Mr. ...

Alex Shingler

Alex Shingler, Managing Director, is a portfolio manager in the Credit, Rates & Alternative Strategies business within BlackRock Fixed Income. He is head of US Event Driven Credit and the co-portfolio manager of the European Credit Strategies funds. Prior to joining BlackRock in 2009, Mr. Shingler was a Senior Vice President and head of European Research at R3 Capital Partners and its predecessor. From 1999 to 2007, Mr. Shingler was with Seneca Capital Advisors, focusing on special situation equity and ...

MORNINGSTAR Alt - Long/Short Deuda

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