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MFS® Meridian Funds - U.S. Equity Income Fund I1 USD  /  LU1280183952

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Jonathan Sage

Jonathan W. Sage, CFA, is an investment officer and a portfolio manager at MFS Investment Management. He manages blended research equity strategies utilized by the firm's mutual funds and institutional accounts. He joined MFS in 2000 as a quantitative equity research analyst and was named a portfolio manager in 2005. rior to joining MFS, Jonathan spent two years as a supervisor of portfolio administration for Santander Global Advisors, Inc. and three years as a senior mutual fund accountant for First Da...

MORNINGSTAR RV USA - Moneda Cubierta

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  • You can go to the management company MFS Meridian Funds
  • Open account with one of these intermediaries will probably have this fund

Basic conditions

  • Minimum participation:  $
  • Opening commission: 
  • Max. Annual Fee:  0.70%
  • Redemption Fee: 

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