Fidelity Global Multi Asset Tact Dfsv Fd

Fidelity Funds Global Multi Asset Tactical Defensive Fund A Acc USD  /  LU1295423658

Fidelity (FIL Inv Mgmt (Lux) S.A.)

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Kevin O’Nolan

Kevin O’Nolan is a Portfolio Manager in Fidelity Solutions. He joined Fidelity in 2008 as an Asset Allocation Analyst. During his time at Fidelity he has worked as a key member of Fidelity Solutions’ Tactical Asset Allocation team. Kevin O’Nolan’s deep understanding of the full range of market dynamics makes a significant contribution to our TAA process and views. As an analyst, Kevin worked closely with Trevor Greetham on the day-to-day management and positioning of Fidelity Multi Asset Allocator range,...

Nick Peters

Nick Peters is Team Leader of the Equity Research team within Fidelity Solutions, as well as managing a number of Fidelity Solutions’ equity and multi asset funds. Nick has over 20 years investment experience and joined Fidelity in 2012 from Barclays Wealth before which he spent 15 years as an equity portfolio manager at Henderson managing a number of European equity portfolios for clients. Nick is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a BA in Economics and Statistics from Exeter University.

MORNINGSTAR Mixtos Defensivos USD

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