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Greg Tuorto

Greg Tuorto, managing director, joined the U.S. Equity Group as a technology analyst in June 2008. He was named coportfolio manager of the JPMF US Technology Fund in November 2009. Before joining the firm, he was a senior analyst covering technology for the Small and Mid-Cap Group at Jennison Associates. Prior to that, he was a technology analyst and small cap portfolio manager at The Guardian Park Avenue Funds. Greg was also a technology analyst, focused on small and mid-cap equities at the Dreyfus Corp...

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JPMorgan Funds - US Technology Fund 269,89 M $

Gregory Luttrell

Gregory B. Luttrell, managing director, is a portfolio manager in the U.S. Equity group responsible for managing the Concentrated Large Cap Growth strategy, Equity Focus strategy and Technology strategy. Prior to joining the firm in 2007, Greg worked as a portfolio manager at TIAA-CREF where he ran a $12 billion large cap growth fund. Prior to that, he had started and ran TIAA-CREF’s mid cap growth fund. Greg also has had previous experience as an analyst covering the healthcare, financial services and t...

MORNINGSTAR RV Sector Tecnología

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