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Brent Loder

Brent Loder is a vice president, portfolio manager and research analyst with the Franklin Equity Group. He is a member of the Franklin Core/Hybrid team and several portfolios, including Franklin Focus Core Equity Fund. He is a co-manager of Franklin Balanced Fund. Mr. Loder is also a member of the Securities and Financial Services team and specializes in research on payment/transaction processes.

Fondo Patrimonio
Franklin U.S. Equity Fund 455,33 M €
NEF U.S. Equity 86,63 M €

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a research analyst and portfolio manager with the Franklin Equity Group, focusing on equity research and analysis of companies in the business services (information services, consulting and for-profit education) and insurance industries.Mr. Anderson is a co-manager of the Franklin Focus Core Equity Fund and related portfolios. His prior experience includes research and coverage of companies in the domestic cable and satellite, agriculture and financial services industries.

Fondo Patrimonio
Franklin U.S. Equity Fund 455,33 M €
MORNINGSTAR RV USA - Moneda Cubierta

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