Investec GSF Target Return Bond Fund

Investec GSF Target Return Bond Fund S Acc EUR Hedged  /  LU1405949899

Investec Asset Management Luxembourg

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Mi estrategia de Inversión (II)

Actualización al 31/01/2017               (continuación de Mi estrategia de Inversión)Para empezar, mi perfil de inversor es Moderado- Dinámico: busco rentabilidades medias a medio plazo, pero con monitorización...
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Russell Silberston

Russell is a fixed income portfolio manager with responsibility for short dated sterling fixed interest portfolios. Russell used to work for Cazenove Fund Management as a fixed income portfolio manager responsible for Sterling Treasury Management service and UK, US and Euro short interest rate forecasts. Before joining Cazenove in 2001, Russell worked for Investec Asset Management. He is an associate member (ASI) of the Securities & Investment Institute.

John Stopford

John was appointed Head of Fixed Income for Investec Asset Management in 2003. He moved to the London office after a stint in South Africa where he was made responsible for the South African fixed income business following the merger between Investec Asset Management and Guinness Flight in 1998. Through very strong performance, John helped grow South Africa’s fixed income assets under management from £1.5 billion to £5 billion in 5 years, winning numerous awards. Previously, John was responsible for Gu...

MORNINGSTAR Alt - Long/Short Deuda

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