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Piera Grassi

Piera Elisa Grassi, executive director, is a portfolio manager in the Global REI (Research Enhanced Index) equity desk, based in London. An employee since 2004, Piera Elisa was previously a portfolio manager and quantitative analyst in Global REI. Prior to joining, Piera Elisa was as a bond quantitative analyst and risk analyst at Foreign and Colonial Asset Management. Before this, she worked for BARRA in London, focusing on equity risk management and portfolio construction. Piera Elisa obtained a Laurea...

Fondo Patrimonio
JPM Global Research Enhanced Index Equity 449,22 M €

Ido Eisenberg

Ido Eisenberg, executive director, is a portfolio manager on the Global Research Enhanced Index (REI) and Europe Research Driven Process (RDP) equities desk, based in London. Ido is lead manager of the UK Disciplined strategy. An employee since 2002, Ido previously worked in the Technology Application Development Group, where he developed and supported applications for the Global Research Enhanced Index Team. Ido obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from Univers...

James Cook

James Cook, vice president, is a portfolio manager responsible for managing our Emerging Market & Asia ex Japan portfolios on the Research Enhanced Index equity desk. In addition James is also a research analyst responsible for covering the developed Asia financial stocks. An employee since 2007, James previously worked as an assistant research analyst on the European mining desk and worked at J.P. Morgan Investment Bank (in Hong Kong) as an intern on the equity research desk, focusing on the conglomerat...

MORNINGSTAR RV Global Cap. Grande Blend

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