Community Standards

Basic Rules of the Finect community

If you believe that any customer is violating any of these community standards, you may report this to Finect by sending an email to the address

In the event of repeated complaints against a customer, Finect may review the Customer contents against which there have been complaints and shall adopt suitable measures, which may consist of eliminating the contents, expelling the customer from the community and even the exercise of legal actions.

For more details, see the General Terms of Use

1. Respect

Your actions in the community must be consistent with public policy, decorum and fundamental rights and liberties; you must also respect human dignity, minority rights and the rights of disadvantaged user groups.

2. Tolerance and non-discrimination

You must respect the opinions given by other clients in the community; likewise, you may not use the platform to issue opinions or comments which discriminate or discredit other clients for any reason.

3. Trust

The community is based on trust between all members, both between the clients who give their opinions or advice or who offer services to other clients and as relates to Finect, which deposits trust in its clients, by assuming that their actions are lawful.

4. Moderation

You must avoid making an abusive use of the resources made available to you by Finect. Specifically, you must not use these resources to execute pyramid schemes, unsolicited advertising, requests for signatures or money or any other actions which may interfere in Finect's providing the services to other clients. The use of harmful mechanisms which may impair Finect's functionalities is prohibited. Likewise, use of Finect resources for the following purposes is also forbidden:

  • To insult, slander, libel or disclose information about other people without their permission. :
  • institutional.etiquette.moderation21
  • To violate third party intellectual property rights.
  • To use the resources for pornography, terrorism or for any other criminal purpose.

5. Good faith

We assume that as a Finect user, you will use the services in good faith, and modify your behavior to comply with the Law, without using Finect to avoid compliance with applicable law or to perform fraudulent or criminal acts. Good faith also entails that in no event will you use Finect to harm third parties (whether or not they are Finect users) or Finect itself in any way.

6. Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental value of the Community, and therefore Finect strives to preserve the privacy of the information and data supplied by you and for the management of our services. Likewise, you must preserve the privacy of any data of which you become aware through Finect.

7. Confidentiality

Finect is based on trust between all members of the community, both between the users who give their opinions or advice or who offer services to other users and as relates to Finect, which deposits its trust in its members, by assuming that their actions are lawful.

8. No censorship

There will be no prior censorship of any contribution you make to the Community.

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