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Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund

Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund R GBP Acc | GB00BBQ2T214

Old Mutual Investment Management Limited

20 Nov, 2017


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Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund A GBP Acc (GB00BBQ2T099)13,55M GBP1,16 GBP1,50%0,00%1.139 GBP
Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund R GBP Acc (GB00BBQ2T214)4,99M GBP1,21 GBP0,75%0,00%5.699.630 GBP
Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund U1 GBP Acc (GB00BHBX8Q87)2,78M GBP0,94 GBP0,68%0,00%85.494.462 GBP
Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund U2 GBP Acc (GB00BHBX8R94)1,10M GBP0,96 GBP0,60%0,00%284.981.541 GBP

Estrategia Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund

The Fund aims to deliver an absolute return over rolling three year periods. The Fund will obtain exposure (either directly or indirectly) principally to UK equities and convertible bonds. UK equities are equities of companies the majority of which will either be domiciled in the UK, or which derive a significant proportion of their income from the UK. Such investments will be across the market capitalisation spectrum, with the majority of these being companies included in the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 indices. Up to 15 per cent of the funds NAV may be exposed to non-UK equities and convertible bonds.

El fondo Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund, con ISIN, GB00BBQ2T214 de la gestora Old Mutual Investment Management Limited se sitúa en la posición entre los 7 fondos de la categoría Alt - Long/Short RV RU a 12 meses. Su rentabilidad a este plazo es del 0,00% con una volatilidad del 0,00%. El patrimonio del fondo asciende a 22.405.036 GBP a fecha de 21 de November de 2017.

Comisiones Old Mutual UK Opportunities Fund

ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Custodian Fee0,02%PERCENT
Custodian Fee0,01%PERCENT
Management Fee0,75%PERCENT
On Going Charge0,90%PERCENT


Simon Murphy


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Factsheet (Sep 30, 2017) Oct 14, 2017
Factsheet Institutional (Sep 30, 2017) Oct 14, 2017
Prospectus (Jun 30, 2017) Jul 19, 2017
Key Investor Information Document (KIID) (Feb 17, 2017) Mar 03, 2017
SemiannualReport (Jan 31, 2017) May 16, 2017
AnnualReport (Jul 31, 2016) Jul 08, 2017