Deutsche Invest I ESG Global Corp Bds

Deutsche Invest I ESG Global Corporate Bonds FC | LU0982744301

Deutsche Asset Management S.A.

25 Sep, 2017


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Deutsche Invest I ESG Global Corporate Bonds FC (LU0982744301)0,01M EUR105,18 EUR0,60%0,74%400.000 EUR
Deutsche Invest I ESG Global Corporate Bonds FD (LU0982744483)0,01M EUR102,98 EUR0,60%0,74%400.000 EUR
Deutsche Invest I ESG Global Corporate Bonds ID (LU1054336893)34,93M EUR100,92 EUR0,40%0,47%25.000.000 EUR


The objective of the investment policy is to achieve sustained capital appreciation that exceeds the benchmark (Barclays Capital Global Aggregate Credit-hedged (EUR)). In order to achieve this, the fund mainly invests globally in eurodenominated corporate bonds which possess an investment grade rating at the time of acquisition. Corporate bonds which do not fulfill these conditions may be included. The selection of individual investments is at the discretion of the fund management. The fund is oriented to the benchmark. It does not track it exactly but attempts to exceed its performance and can therefore deviate substantially - both positively and negatively - from the benchmark. The fund is subject to various risks. A more detailed description of risks can be found under ‘Risks’ in the sales prospectus. The fund distributes annually.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Front Load0,00%PERCENT
Management Fee0,60%PERCENT
On Going Charge0,74%PERCENT
Redemption Fee0,00%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio0,74%PERCENT


Rainer Haerle



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Prospectus (Aug 07, 2017) Aug 29, 2017
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Factsheet (Jul 31, 2017) Aug 29, 2017
AnnualReport (Dec 31, 2016) Sep 01, 2017
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