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CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund

CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund DA USD Inc | LU1254143974

Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A.

19 Oct, 2017


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CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund A USD Inc (LU1086154785)12,19M USD8,62 USD1,92%1,99%0 USD
CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund AH CHF Inc (LU1169959480)0,79M CHF8,98 CHF1,92%1,98%0 CHF
CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund DA USD Inc (LU1254143974)8,40M USD1.091,60 USD0,10%0,09%0 USD
CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund EA USD Inc (LU1086154942)0,08M USD853,99 USD0,90%1,02%0 USD
CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund EAH SGD Inc (LU1086155162)0,22M SGD887,94 SGD0,90%1,06%0 SGD
CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund UA USD Inc (LU1144415384)1,67M USD9,60 USD1,50%1,37%0 USD
CS (Lux) Asia Pacific Income Equity Fund UAH CHF Inc (LU1164614122)0,34M CHF9,24 CHF1,50%1,37%0 CHF


The fund’s objective is to achieve maximum long-term total returns through a combination of dividend yield, dividend growth, capital gains and selective option premiums. The fund looks to meet its objective by investing in securities, while maintaining an adequate diversification of risks. It actively invests primarily in shares and similar instruments issued by companies established in Asia, a region that includes China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan as well as Thailand but excluding Japan. The fund seeks to identify undervalued, quality with sustainable dividend yielding stocks through a diversification source of returns across various markets capitalization classes and industry sectors. The fund provides investors with access to some of the world’s fastest growing economies and enables them to participate in the region’s long-term sustainable growth.


ComisiónValorFórmula de cálculo
Custodian Fee0,06%PERCENT
Management Fee0,10%PERCENT
On Going Charge0,10%PERCENT
Total Expense Ratio0,09%PERCENT


Juan Mendoza

Shiling Guo



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Key Investor Information Document (KIID) (Oct 06, 2017) Oct 07, 2017
Factsheet (Sep 29, 2017) Oct 14, 2017
Prospectus (Jul 01, 2017) Oct 20, 2017
Rulebook (Jun 08, 2017) Oct 20, 2017
AnnualReport (May 31, 2017) Oct 12, 2017
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