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New Investor Relations APP

Escrito 23 Sep 13

Iberdrola has created a new mobile app - Iberdrola Investor Relations - designed to meet the needs of the financial community. The company is the first major European utility to offer a multi-device service of this kind, available in both Spanish and English.

This new application will give investors access to comprehensive information on the company's economic-financial performance from mobile devices, such as iPads, iPhones or other types of smartphones based on the Android operating system.


As well as the main home page, the information provided is organised in seven different tabs: news, documentation, multimedia, share price, dividends, contact and calendar.

The various sections in this new application will enable users to view and download the latest information of note on the group - such as its notifications to the CNMV (Spanish Securities Market Commission) and press releases, as well as share these contents on social networks.

Other publications available for consultation will include all the documents associated to quarterly and annual financial results announcements, output balances, strategic outlooks and annual sustainability reports.

This new app will also allow investors to watch Iberdrola's results announcements via webcast, as well as General Shareholders' Meetings. They will also have access to videos featuring statements by members of the company's top management, as well as recordings of Q&A sessions held during the results announcements in the presence of analysts.

It will also provide information on the most recent share price, as well as share price charts containing historic information from the last five years.

Investors will also have access to a direct link to various share price analysis tools, which will allow them to analyse, calculate, generate graphs and download data in the format of their choice.  This means that shareholders will be able to obtain interactive graphs on share price listings in real time, as well as comparisons with indices and other values, historic share price information, a financial calculator, a profit calculator and a dividend calculator that allows to obtain the value of current or past dividend payments.

The app also features a specific tab for dividends, enabling investors and shareholders to query information on expected payments.

App available for iPad, iPhone and Android via the following links:





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