Carta de Warren Buffet a sus accionistas

Escrito 27 Feb 10

Berkshire Hathaway acaba de publicar la tradicional carta de Warren Buffet a sus accionistas. He subrayado algunas frases:

"we have consistently done better than the S&P in the eleven years during which it delivered negative results. In other words, our defense has been better than our offense, and that’s likely to continue".

"Charlie and I avoid businesses whose futures we can’t evaluate, no matter how exciting their products may be".

"At Berkshire we will stick with businesses whose profit picture for decades to come seems reasonably predictable".

"In line with Berkshire’s owner-orientation, most of our directors have a major portion of their net worth invested in the company. We eat our own cooking ".

"We do not measure the economic significance or performance of Berkshire by its size; we measure by per-share progress. We are certain that the rate of per-share progress will diminish in the future – a greatly enlarged capital base will see to that. But we will be disappointed if our rate does not exceed that of the average large American corporation".

"The challenge for us is to generate ideas as rapidly as we generate cash. In this respect, a depressed stock market is likely to present us with significant advantages. For one thing, it tends to reduce the prices at which entire companies become available for purchase. Second, a depressed market makes it easier for our insurance companies to buy small pieces of wonderful businesses – including additional pieces of businesses we already own – at attractive prices. And third, some of those same wonderful businesses, such as Coca-Cola, are consistent buyers of their own shares, which means that they, and we, gain from the cheaper prices at which they can buy".

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parras inversor a largo plazo.

28 Feb 10

Muy interesante: estoy esperando a imprimirla para estudiarla de manera detallada. De lo que has destacado, hay alguna idea que me recuerda a Bestinver: hay que aprovecharse de la volatilidad, tiene grandes ventajas.

Habrá que leerla con detalle. Gracias,

28 Feb 10

Magnífica como siempre. Me fascina la sencillez y claridad con la que explica los temas.

Un auténtico Mozzart de los negocios y la inversión.

Mister Aprendiz

28 Feb 10
A mi me parece que se está defendiendo de los últimos ataques que le están lanzando ultimamente, al menos eso parece en la selección de Fernando.