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Buffett's stock pickers are beating the market

Escrito 20 Oct 14

Este reciente artículo aparecido en Fortune sirve de actualización al respecto:

So how have the Oracle’s disciples done? Quite impressively, according to our estimates. Both have outpaced the S&P 500 in their time at Berkshire (their compensation is determined by how much they beat that index over three years). Combs has done the better of the two, generating a cumulative return of 116% over the past nearly four years—more than double the S&P’s 55% over the same period. Weschler’s portfolio is up 81%, but he’s had only three years to prove himself. Combs’ picks increased an incredible 51% last year alone. And Weschler is well ahead of the market this year.

Parece que los dos gestores hacen bien su trabajo. 

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