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"On the road to zero growth" (Grantham)

Escrito 20 Nov 12

Jeremy Grantham & Cia, es decir el fabuloso equipo de GMO, acaban de publicar su Quaterly Letter. Como todas las anteriores, una lectura obligatoria. El informe completo, aquíhttp://www.gmo.com/websitecontent/JG_LetterALL_11-12.pdf

Algunos extractos:

  1. The bottom line for U.S. real growth, according to our forecast, is 0 .9% a year through 2030, decreasing to 0.4% from 2030 to 2050 (see table on Page 16). This is all done presuming no unexpected disasters, but also no heroics, just normal “muddling through.”
  2. GDP measures must be improved so that they begin to measure output of real usefulness or utility. The current mish-mash of costs and of “goods” and “bads” produces poor and even damaging incentives. 
  3. Accurate measurements of growth must eventually include the full costs of running down our natural assets. True income (said Hicks) is meant to allow for sustained productive capacity, which our current measures clearly do not. If they had done so the developed countries might well have been in reverse for the last 20 years. 
  4. Investors should be wary of a Fed whose policy is premised on the idea that 3% growth for the U.S. is normal. Remember, it is led by a guy who couldn’t see a 1-in-1200-year housing bubble! Keeping rates down until productivity surges above its last 30-year average or until American fertility rates leap upwards could be a very long wait! 
  5. Some of the investment implications of this low growth outlook and the Bernanke optimism will be addressed next time (with luck!). 


So where does that leave us with our asset allocation portfolios at GMO? Pretty much where we were before. We own significant amounts of short duration assets in accounts where such assets are an option, with the recognition that the longer rates are repressed, the greater the opportunity cost of those holdings. 

We are doing this because the risks around jumping into long duration assets under the assumption that low interest rates make them more valuable leaves us more vulnerable to taking losses if that policy winds up not lasting as long as investors assume it will. The strong move in equities and other long duration assets in the months up to the announcement of QE infinity may be “justified” on the basis of a promise from the Fed of low rates for longer, but buying assets whose prices are only justified by low discount rates is an inherently dangerous way to invest, and we responded by taking down our equity weights modestly in asset allocation portfolios where permitted. 

If the Fed is true to its word, inflation does not  flare  up, and the various nasty events out there (China hard landing, euro blow-up,  fiscal  cliff, etc.) either don’t happen or cause less trouble than we fear they might, our “prudent” holding of short duration assets in the face of uninspiring asset valuations will wind up costing us and our clients money. 

So, our  fingers  are crossed that, despite our reservations, Fed policy actually works, because we can then go back to a world where we aren’t faced with the ugly idea that stocks priced to deliver 2% real might be “fairly priced” after all. If investors see through the game the Fed is playing, however, we could be in for a long wait



xiscom Haz lo que puedas con lo que tengas.

21 Nov 12

Aquí os dejo href="/image/001b359d089013b22713bf1b359d089013b22713bf1">copia
de la carta. En general, las cartas de GMO son de lectura muy
recomendable. especialmente las de Grantham y de James Montier. Este
último tiene un interesante libro editado aquí: href="http://www.casadellibro.com/libro-psicologia-financiera-como-no-ser-tu-peor-enemigo/9788423428267/1872465">Psicología
Financiera: Cómo no ser tu peor Enemigo.


Lemming Socio - Director en LeBris EAFI

21 Nov 12

Está de camino un white paper de Montier que tiene muy buena pinta


Lemming Socio - Director en LeBris EAFI

21 Nov 12

Por cierto xiscom, ¿recomendable el libro que has puesto?


xiscom Haz lo que puedas con lo que tengas.

21 Nov 12

@Lemming: aún no lo he leído. Tendría que haber puesto: "libro
que me parece interesante". Por el autor y por el tema, tiene que serlo.


arturop https://foro.masdividendos.com/

21 Nov 12

Imprescindible Grantham, estoy de acuerdo. Es uno de los grandes.
Gracias por la reseña.