Hola a todo@s,

El fondo que una vez gestionara Crispin Odey (CF Continental European Fund) y luego pasase el testigo a Feras-Al Chalabi, será desde el 1 de julio gestionado por Oliver Kelton. Se trata de una buena noticia, pues Feras seguirá gestionando el Allegra European (long-only) pero se va a focalizar en los fondos long-short de la casa. Feras deja el fondo con un CAGR del 12% desde lanzamiento en 1997 (Crispin> Hendry> Feras>Oliver).

Esperemos que Oliver lo siga haciendo igual o mejor.

Un saludo, 

10 years ago Crispin asked me to take over the management of the CF Odey
Continental European Fund, a fund he had started in 1997 as the flagship
retail fund for the firm. The fund has had a rich history of managers, both
Crispin from 1997-1999 and Hugh Hendry from 1999-2005. Over my tenure
I have more than doubled the unit price of the fund and handily beaten the
relevant benchmark. However, as many of you know I launched my UCITS
long-short absolute return fund last year. After 10 years at the helm of the CF
Odey Continental European Fund, it feels like a good time to pass on the
reins to allow me to focus on my increasing long-short responsibilities.
However, in addition to the Odey European Absolute Return Fund, I shall
continue to run my long-only fund, Odey Allegra European, whose panEuropean
remit most closely mirrors the long book of my absolute return

From 1st July, Oliver Kelton will assume responsibility for the CF Odey
Continental European Fund and will continue Odey’s rich legacy of stock
picking in Europe. Many of you will already know Oliver, who has joined
Odey from Waverton Investment Management, where he built a strong
European franchise. His performance track record is exceptional. Indeed
anybody involved in European equities over the last decade, will be familiar
with his fierce intellect, his incisive questioning of management teams, his
contrarian instincts, and his proven ability to pick stocks. It is a great pleasure
to be able to hand on the baton of the CF Odey Continental European Fund to
a Portfolio Manager of his calibre.
I would like to thank you all for your support.