random adventure

Escrito 6 Mar 14
The street was very hot, shirt stuck to his body. Hurry, I forgot to wear a bra , breasts stood out and I was very uncomfortable. At the bus stop , unfortunately, there was a lot of people , I tried to cover her breasts , but in doing so it drew even more attention .
Finally came to my bus , I quickly slipped and sat down at the end. Opposite me sat a man of about 45, a hard worker with his fists , hammers . He looked at me without taking his eyes . God, I was ready to sink into the ground . Bumps on the bus with the passengers jumped , and at the same time and my chest. This man did not take his eyes off me , and I pretended not to notice it. At the next stop , he went up and making their way to the door, grabbed me at parting his calloused hand on my knee and whispered, "Good chicken , I would have fried ." I soon turned away and went to stop his eyes shyly hiding .
Frankly, I always imagined fantasies of men working as a partner : overalls, the smell of sweat , rough hands . I think I dreaming and slightly wet.
In the morning hour in the bath were only a couple of grandparents , so it was a place to roam . First I went to the office with a sauna. Lay down on the sheet , the benefit was nobody, and began to dream . The man from the bus all gave me no rest . But I'm a decent girl . No, no, no . My hand went to the pubis , I spent between the legs - I was very wet. I began to carry her fingers on the clitoris , slowly , slowly, then faster. Put her hand to her mouth and sniffed - I smell bad . I smell the desire that I otzharil that guy out of the bus . My fingers slipped on the perineum , bringing me pleasure. But this pleasure does not compare to when you are operating in a man's penis .
Suddenly sauna granny came and I had to terminate its occupation. I shook in a blanket , on which lay , it was a little wet in the place where I lay on my juices.
"We need to cool down - I thought - and Priya souls." I stood under a cool shower . Nipples stood up, I do not know from cold water or from my studies in the sauna. And then suddenly slipped from my finger ring and rolled away into a small crevice. The ring was very expensive , so I had to urgently seek worker baths and ask where the ring rolled away .
All my questions were answered banschitsa "There's a man's office, as I'm comin back ? Only after closing ." I barely talked to let me back in the towel and ask the men who wash there to hide behind . She said she would tell them and open the door for me .
With the fear I went to the men's department , there were only three men . I greeted him and said, " I quickly " and slipped to the place where was to be my ring . On one of them said "You can stay and " friendly and there was laughter all three. Slot where I was looking for the ring , it was a dark and narrow, I had to get on my knees . Suddenly came up behind one of those men . "What a candid pose " , I dulled eyes and pretended that h can not hear it. He ran his hand over my ass . I scolded herself as she could, but damn , I loved it. He lifted my towel and touched my crotch . Oh, yes! These calloused hands . " E-mine , you're wet , you do not come here for nothing ," he abruptly introduced me two fingers , I groaned. He jerked up and dragged me into the shower cubicle. He leaned me against the cold tile, whispered " sticking out his ass ," I did not dare to disobey . With one hand he squeezed my breasts to pain, but the pain caused me such pleasure . He became a member of the drive on my crotch , up and down, up and down. This sweet torture! " Come with me , - I asked - Please ." He laughed , "Yes you are lustful , something I look at you the bruises on her knees , tore apparently someone" and with these words he abruptly put his penis in me . It went like clockwork. Man with both hands clutching my ass , and I was trying not to moan . I felt an orgasm remained a matter of seconds , but he stopped . " Please " - I whispered. " Ask me well , - he said - on his knees ." I turned and knelt . He interjected with a loud sound in my mouth his cock , I had no time to do anything , he took the initiative in their hands and just began to fuck my mouth. His cock taste was slightly sweet . It was too hard , I have tears streaming down and drool , but he stayed . I looked at him with eyes full of pleading . " Okay, come right back ." I jumped up , stuck out her ass without reminders and spread her legs as wide as possible . He entered me very rudely , grabbed her hair. And he began to stick . I finished in just a few minutes after me and he finished . I quickly threw the towel back. " I'll see you , baby - he whispered , - yes, by the way, you have a great ass "
I hope not to have to explain why since I love a bath?

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