Los británicos pierden las esperanzas de grandes acuerdos con EEUU

Los británicos pierden las esperanzas de grandes acuerdos con EEUU

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Britain's hopes of a trade deal with America just suffered a big blow

"The United States is giving the United Kingdom a preview of what it can expect from take-no-prisoners trade negotiations after Brexit".

"The Trump administration on Thursday outlined its goals for a free trade deal with Britain in a document that takes a tough line on agricultural products and warns the United Kingdom against getting cozy with China".

"The list of priorities, which runs to 18 pages, makes sobering reading for a British government that was hoping for a quick deal on trade with the word's largest economy after Brexit".

"This is an uncompromising document from the US point of view, with no mention of mutual benefit," said David Henig, the director of the UK Trade Policy Project and a former UK trade official… “But the document makes clear that the United States will be seeking major concessions in exchange for an agreement. Without the backing of the European Union, Britain will be under pressure to accept if it wants a deal”.  cnn.com

Se supone que el “primo americano “ les facilitaría grandes y beneficiosos acuerdos bilaterales estando fuera de la UE, pero ahora en medio de la guerra comercial con China..."Estás conmigo o contra mí".

Ante las pretensiones económicas reales de EEUU, la pregunta que ahora surge es la siguiente: ¿Creéis que los ciudadanos británicos son realmente conscientes del riesgo del Brexit para su economía?

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