In India's last election, social media was used as a tool. This time it could become a weapon

"Can social media clean up its act in time for the world's biggest election? We're about to find out.

About 900 million Indians are eligible to vote in the election, which will take place over about five weeks starting on April 11, and many more of them are online than during the last election in 2014. The scope for social media to be abused to manipulate voters has never been greater".

"India is the world's biggest market for Facebook (FB) and its messaging platform WhatsApp. It's also one of Twitter's (TWTR) most important markets. The country's vote will present these companies with their sternest test yet…"

La pregunta ahora es la siguiente: ¿Se deberán controlar en un futuro cercano las redes sociales por parte de los gobiernos?

Miguel A. Patiño                              (Comparativadebancos)