Escrito 29 Jun 09

Because of the banking laws of the 30 years in the USA, wich USA banks were restricted about the use of certain bank instruments, such use was transferred mainly to European Banks so wealth was redistributed.

In the Bretton Woods Convention, it was agreed to create the gold Standard to support any trade, Later during the President Nixon´s administration, the backing of gold was rejected.

The USA Dollar became the currency and the reference value and exchange for all wester currencies in a financial and comercial level. This was the beginning for the world´s entry into the High Performance Banking Programs.

"Bretton Woods Agreement" was the catapult not just the High Performance Banking Programs, but also:

  • The Marshall Plan
  • The Bank for Reconstruction and Development, today known as World Bank
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • The Bank of International Agreements and Conventions (BS)

In the 60, President John F. Kennedy, because of the absence of circulating in the world when dollars were deposited in bank accounts without raising their full potencial, he decided, to avoid the creation of a new currency, that it was necessary to create and developed a new version of the Bank Securities with several guarantees that enable to the investors to have high annual profits between 40% and 400%. These private investments were based in an approved project led to a weak economy or in development process.

Most of programs generate a high yield during 40 bank weeks (a bank year) and its Project must be related to the creation of jobs in depressed economies. The relationship between the program and the project is highly regulated.

Banks of American Federal Reserve are the ones who control the primary flow of forms in american dollars. The control the system. This allows rebuild any economy, city or nation you want, without having to issue more currency, just moving the money. High Performance Programs taki your money "asleep" and put it to work in areas previously requested and approved. That creates jobs in economies that are depressed or weak

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