The minimun investment capital avaiable for the programs is an amount of 10 million USD or higher, depending on the appropriate program; this investment can be made by a particular or by a group, in that case they must appoint a representant to Trader and the signatory Bank, or company.

This investment can be made in two ways:

a) Blocked/reserved Account

The capital is deposited in a bank account in the name and under the sole control of the Applicant / Investor (under his sole signature control) wich blocks or reserve during the program. The reserve or block don´t imply condition, pledge or deposition. This account can be a special account in one bank of the Fed or participant in the program or in an account of the applicant / investor, which means blocking / reservation over the program.

b) Irrevocable Bank Guarantee

In this case, we have the principal, but the applicant / investor have an Irrevocable Bank Guarante of the Bank of the Fed or participant in the program by the same amount. In this modality,higher yields can be negotiated. (Now in practical diuse).

In any case, the principal is always guaranteed, due to that the programs are named as "Risk-Free Programs".


The return for an investment of 10 million US dollars in a HYIP is an average of xx / xx % per month, net for the applicant /investor.

In programs requiring a minimum investment exceeding US $ 100 million to reach a weekly xx% net for the applicant / investor.

That profitability tends to be liquidate monthly and sometimes weekly in the same account of principal or other desginated differently by the applicant / investor.

The agreed yield is regulated by each program.