10.- PROCEDURE (Standardized basic non-binding)

The procedure for the participation in a program is often the same because the required documents, the content of them, the signatories, the order of the events and deadlines for meeting them are established by the Fed´s legislation.

According to that, the acts and constituent documents of the mentioned formalization are in temporary ascending order:

Basic documents: (They can change according to the program)

  • Letter of Intent: Document under which the applicant / investor shows his intention fo participating in a determined program.
  • Color Copy of Passport.
  • Proof of Funds: The Proof of Funds is a prerequisite for participation in a HYIP. It consists of: Either, a letter with banking signature indicating the availability in cash of the principal amount, two days old, with every banking coordinate, or a bank certificate of inmediate availability of the amount, of three years old, signed by two officers of the Bank concerned.
  • If the applicant is a company: certification of the corresponding corporate agreement.
  • Non Circunvention / Non Disclosure Agreement.
  • Other

The format and forms of every document are provided to applicant by the broker to establish the relationship with the Trader.


(Explanation, procedures and quantities are only for guidance and in a teaching context. Every particular case will have an specific treatment)

MARCH, 2009