Explanation of the Possiblity of PPP

The Junior Bankers from UBS, DEUTSCHE BANK, CITIBANK... declared the impossibility of realizing 50% of profit because they have habitude of thinking of interest rate per year, for example 5%, 6%...per year. They cannot imagine that our Banker Cha Gia can obtain interest rate 5% daily, even 10$ per day. Each day of our Banker Cha Gia is equivalent to one year of the Bankers in UBS. CITIBANK...When our Banker Cha Gia works during 20 days per month, the profit will be equivalent to the Bankers in UBS...who have to work during 20 years.

The Profit is the result of an EXPLOITATION CYCLE. Each turnover (rotation) of an exploitation cycle will give a profit or loss. An exploitation cycle can be finalized during two years, one year, one month, one week, one day or one hour.

In order to get hight profit during a fixed period, we have to repeat many times the exploitation cycle, i.e. we have to reduce the time of realizing a cycle. That is the principle of SPEED ACCELERATION of exploitation cycle.

A countryman cannot accelerate the cycle of season of tomato. IN industy, the accleeration depends on physic conditions of production

In Banks, the exploitation cycle of BUY/SELL bank instruments can be done with very short time. Each exploitation cycle, banking operation, can be finalized during on day or one hour.

In trading Program, i.e. the commerce of Financial Instruments, the Trader can realize 3-5 trading Operations per day. His Speed Acceleration of Rotation (Turnover) of exploitation cycle allows the Trader to obtain very high return per day. When you ask the Trader how much he can give you the profit per week, per month, he will reply to you that it depends on how many trading operations he can realize per day.

Actually, with the rapidity of the electronic communication and with the screening the financial instruments, the Trader and Bankers can accelerate better the spped of realizing a trading operation. Consequently, the Profit becomes higher during a fixed period of Program.

Conclusion: our above Banker Cha Gia can realize two exploitation cycles (two operations) per day and he gets 20000% of profit per year. The Traders and Bankers in UBS, CITIBANK... with their quickness of electronic communication and with the financial products ready on screen, can realize better than our Banker Cha Gia the speed acceleration of operations and consequently a higher Profit.