A-2) Technique of speed acceleration of trade

The third factor which influences Profit is the time of investment. The longer period of investment will give higher Profit. For example with annual interest rate 6%, we must invest 100 to get profit 6. If we want to have 12, we must invest 100 during 2 years. If we invest 100 during 40 years with 6% as fixed annual interest rate, we will get total profit 240.

Each year is called an investment cycle. The banking technique is to realize this investment cycle during a shorter period by speed acceleration of its realization. Bank Trader accelerates the speed of buying and selling bank instruments with shortest time, for example during 2, 3 days or one week. If we consider one week with interest rate 6% as an investment cycle when we invest 100, we will get 6 as profit for one week. If 40 investment cycles are realized during one year, we will get 240 as profit for one year.

Because of speed acceleration of investment cycle, each week is considered as one year of investment realized under normal conditions and consequently if the Program realizes 40 trade cycles during one year, the total profit is equivalent to that form investment during the whole period of 40 normal years. This aspect explains the very high profit as a miracle. In fact, this profit is of normal conditions, but beacuse of speed acceleration trade cycle, i.e the reduction of real time of investment, the profit equivalent to that of investment during 40 years is realized only in oye year. It´s not correct to say "high yield". Indeed, it´s better to say that this is a normal profit realized during a miraculously short time of one year.

Bank Trader has enough techniques to accelerate speed of trade rotation, i.e. to reduce miraculously the time of realization of a trade cycle. Indeed, if this is a commodity trade, a dealer cannot reduce enormously the time of transaction cycle beause of physical conditions of commodity, of its transport...But for a transaction of bank instruments, it´s perfectly feasible the reduction of time of realization. This commerce is not under physical conditions as per of those of commodity. Bank Trader needs only some minuts to sign and to send electronic informations for the realization of a transaction cycle.

In summary, the speedd acceleration is perfectly realized for a trade cycle with puropose of obtaining profit during very short time equivalent to profit during a very long period under normal market conditions. 40 weeks of investment are equivalent to 40 years under normal conditions of investment. The normal profit from investment during 40 years is obtained during 40 weeks.

All the above Techniques combined with the Mechanism of Issuance and the Application of "Fractional Lending" in Fed´s Credits on Off-Market show that the MIRACULOUS PROFIT OF PRIVATE PLACEMENT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A MIRACLE!