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 Aquamarine Fund is an investment vehicle inspired by the original 1950's Buffett partnerships, and run with a close replicati on of the original Buffett partnership rules. The managing partner is Guy Spier who is an ardent disciple of Warren Buffett, and closely follows Buffett's principles on Value Investing and capital allocation. The majority of the investment funds come from immediate family members and friends. The focus is on investing for long term capital appreciation and capital preservation by running a portfolio of equity investments with the goal of acquiring companies with outstanding long-term economics at a reasonable price and where there is a sufficient margin of safety between the company’s market price and its intrinsic v alue. Typical investors include.
Rentabilidad media anual desde 1997 del 10,4%.
Total 389%.
Partnership Meetings 2013
This was the presentation used at the Partnership Meetings in Zurich, London and New York.
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Aquamarine Fund Inc. started trading on September, 15th, 1997 as a BVI Mutual Fund Guy Spier, has managed the fund since inception. In June 2007 he made headlines by bidding US$650,100 with Mohnish Pabrai for a charity lunch with Warren Buffett. Prior to starting Aquamarine Fund, Spier worked as an investment banker in New York, and as a management consultant in London and Paris. Mr. Spier completed his MBA at the Harvard Business School, classof 1993, and holds a First Class degree in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) from Oxford University. Upon graduating, he was co-awarded the George Webb Medley prize for the best performance in that year in Economics. While at Oxford he was a contemporary of David Cameron at Brasenose and attended economics tutorials with him. Orly Hindi joined Aquamarine in August of 2007. Her primary responsibilities include operations, office management, event coordination and investor relations. Ms. Hindi graduated from the University at Albany in May of 2007, with a BA in Sociology and Business.

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xiscom Haz lo que puedas con lo que tengas.

6 Nov 13

Spier es uno de los gestores value más interesantes que han emergido
en los últimos años. Le sigo desde hace unos meses.

Adjunto la ficha del fondo a 30/09/2013:

target="_blank" title="Fact+Sheet+2013.09.pdf">Fact+Sheet+2013.09.pdf


Asimismo el número de otoño de la revista Graham & Doddsville que
incluye una entrevista con Guy Spier:

title="Graham and Doddsville Interview _ Issue 19 _ Fall 2013.pdf">Graham
and Doddsville Interview _ Issue 19 _ Fall 2013.pdf

6 Nov 13

Gracias @xiscom por la ficha del fondo y la revista.

6 Nov 13

El problema que le veo a ese fondo es que las cantidades de entrada y
adicionales son muy elevadas. saludos