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13:38 el 18 septiembre 2015

ACCIONA will build the biggest photovoltaic plant in Latin America in Chile, a 343-million-dollar investment

After two years of adjustment and contention of new developments ACCIONA retakes growth and will build LatAm’s biggest PV plant in Chile (El Romero Solar – 247MW), which will represent a $343m investment.

Most of this capex will be expend in 2016-17, and the plant is expected to be operational in mid-2017. This will enable the ACCIONA to cover a large part of its commitment to supply 600GWh of electricity from renewable sources to distribution concession holders in the Central Interconnected System (SIC) from 2018 onward.

This capacity, awarded in a tender in 2014, will represent an investment of around $500m for ACCIONA, which means the company will need to develop additional renewable assets in addition to El Romero Solar which will mean another $157m investment.

( Press release)

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